WALK THE MOON’s “What If Nothing” Album Review

What If Nothing is WALK THE MOON’s 2017 album featuring production by Mike Crossey and Mike Elizondo.

Everything Mainstream Consensus:


“Experimental and beautifully capturing that golden 80’s sound, What If Nothing is WALK THE MOON pushing the boundaries of their genre. One Foot finds them rebooting their previous success with Shut Up and Dance, but from there on out, the album is a collection of diverse and elaborate single-worthy tracks. Kamikaze and Feels Good To Be High are radio hits waiting to break out and All I Want and Surrender are album standouts that shine with their nostalgic glory and passion. Also, Sound of Awakening is strangely remarkable and I would be ashamed if it went without a proper shoutout.”

Standout Tracks: Headphones, Surrender, All I Want, Kamikaze, Sound of Awakening

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