Maroon 5’s “Red Pill Blues” Album Review

Red Pill Blues is the latest album by Maroon 5 and features collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Julia Michaels, and more.

Everything Mainstream Consensus:


“Maroon 5 will be remembered as the shadow of pop, always present when a trend shines bright, waiting to twist their sound into its form. This is blatantly clear with The Weeknd-esque Lips On You and the 2017 electro-trap obsessed Wait, but the real kicker is Maroon 5 pulls off the trends they try to emulate. Both songs mentioned above work, and I would argue, have something new to offer that the trend was missing. Many will denounce the album for this, and deservingly so, but there is a complex, calculated artistry behind each verse and strum of the guitar that’s hard to ignore. Red Pill Blues doesn’t amount to much, but a band as old as Maroon 5 shouldn’t really be evaluated on how much they change, but how much they improve upon themselves, and this album is certainly another level of their perfected pop sound.”

Standout Tracks: Wait, Lips On You, Plastic Rose

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