Kygo’s “Kids In Love” Album Review

Kids In Love is the latest album by Kygo and features collaborations with OneRepublic, John Newman, Oliver Nelson, and much more.

Everything Mainstream Consensus:


“It’s always hard to follow a strong commercial debut, especially if that first release essentially popularized an entire sub-genre of EDM, known as Tropical House. Kygo will always remain the summer DJ, but Kids At Love is a brilliant evolution of an already pleasant style. The music this time around is seasonless, with the sensational Stranger Things featuring OneRepublic and the budding love song Permanent, Kygo is aiming for a sound that pushes past the genre he helped create. For brief moments, he achieves this and more, but as the short 30 minutes start to wrap up, Kygo is still the DJ we fell in love with, and there’s nothing wrong with that for now.”

Standout tracks: Stranger Things, Kids In Love, Permanent, Never Let You Go

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