Coldplay “A L I E N S” Single Review

A L I E N S  is the latest release from Coldplay’s upcoming Kaleidoscope EP, following Something Just Like This, Hypnotised, and All I Can Think About Is You.

Everything Mainstream Consensus:


“A mix between Ghost Stories and A Head Full of Dreams Coldplay, A L I E N S is a bridge that fittingly connects the two styles. With enchanting vocals by Chris Martin and murky, somewhat electronic instrumentation, A L I E N S represents the merging of past Coldplay and the ushering of something new and fresh in the future.”

Everything Mainstream ranks music based on a mix of artistic, commercial, and fan appeal. When the cover art of a single/album is green, the single/album is positive, while yellow means mixed response and red symbolize a negative response.

  • What’s an EP?

    at first i didn’t like it but it has grown on me. good job Coldplay