How Much Has Ed Sheeran Been Streamed on Spotify and How Much Has He Earned From Spotify?

It would be an understatement to call Ed Sheeran a major streaming player as his 2017 album Divide is breaking Spotify records left and right. Below Everything Mainstream has compiled his Spotify streaming numbers and how much he has grossed through the service:

Album Insights:
Plus – 2011
Ed Sheeran was nowhere close to the star he is now, but Plus’s streaming numbers say otherwise. The A Team is a popular song on the service with over 293 million streams and no doubt brought the majority of listeners to the rest of Plus. The album also features heavy-hitters Lego House and Give Me Love.
Multiply – 2014
The album that launched Ed Sheeran to global success and made him 2014’s king of Spotify. Multiply has one of the largest songs on the service with Thinking Out Loud and other hits Don’t and Sing. The majority of the album tracks sit above 50 million streams each, with 10 tracks above 100 million. Over 4 billion streams and $24 million later, Multiply is the quintessential┬áSpotify album, it even matches the color scheme!
Divide – 2017
Housing the service’s second most-streamed song Shape of You (Could be #1 soon), Divide is a streaming beast. The album is already above 3 billion streams and has already grossed over $11 million for the Sheeran camp. It’s highly likely Divide will surpass Multiply in total streams as Galway Girl and Perfect seem like streaming dynamite just waiting to blow.
  • ANON

    Calling it now, Perfect and Galway Girl will both be over a billion by 2018.

    • I’m A Mess

      Maybe Perfect but I can’t see GG getting over 500 million. It’s too crazy for radio

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    Perfect is going to be massive

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    Anyone here from Reddit?

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  • Dreamer

    I’m surprised + has so little streams, that album was my middle-school years