How Much Have Imagine Dragons Been Streamed on Spotify and How Much Have They Earned from Spotify?

  • GuEsT

    This is actually really cool, please do more

    • If we do, what artist/band do you suggest?

      • GuEsT

        Drake, he’s a major spotify player. Oha nd Ed Sheeran

      • Draw The Line Honey

        Please do Lorde, that’d be cool

  • evolvefan#1

    Evolve will be streamed more than NV is one year, I’m calling it. Rise Up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ira

    They made $11 million off of Spotify for Night Visions, yeesh, everything they touch really does turn to gold lol

  • Firebreather

    Dang Evolve is huge already. They need to release IDKW as a single right away

  • Draw The Line Honey

    I have a feeling Evolve is going to be their most streamed album soon.

  • anon

    do P!ATD next!!!!!!!!!