Halsey’s Top 10 Best Songs

Halsey has jumped from obscure indie diva to mainstream pop star within a short 2-3 years. She’s released two Certified Positive albums and reigned the Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks with The Chainsmokers. Here are her top ten songs since hopeless fountain kingdom.


10. Closer – The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey (Closer – Single)

Closer is a summer smash written in nostalgia and an anti-climatic drop that both subverts and entices modern EDM.”


9. Strangers – Halsey featuring Lauren Jauregui (hopeless fountain kingdom)

“Mainstream pop suits Halsey’s adaptive style and Strangers is the clearest example of this yet. A piercing dance beat and sultry, seductively laced lyrics fuse strongly with Lauren Jauregui’s crystal vocals, forming a pop song cut from marble.”

hfk good

8. Bad At Love – Halsey (hopeless fountain kingdom)

Bad At Love excels at blending the Top 40 formula with Halsey’s past alt.pop style and is one of the most mature singles off her new record.”

room 93

7. Empty Gold – Halsey (Room 93)

Empty Gold shatters expectations with it’s dark, suitably alluring vibe and intimate vocals.”


6. Hurricane – Halsey (Room 93 & BADLANDS)

“In Hurricane, Halsey’s ethereal voice is swept up by a storm of unprecedented production and lyrical prowess.”


5. New Americana – Halsey (BADLANDS)

“A song for the millennial generation, New Americana is a relevant and timely example of progressive pop.”


4. Colors – Halsey (BADLANDS)

“Damp with intricate metaphors and woven with stunning instrumentation, Colors is a pop song apart from the mold.”


3. Hold Me Down – Halsey (BADLANDS)

“Offering little to suggest Halsey isn’t ready for the competitive pop landscape, Hold Me Down is complex and bursting with life.”


2. Ghost – Halsey (Room 93 & BADLANDS)

“Bleeding with the seductive qualities of Halsey’s voice mixed with a minimalistic production style, Ghost is a rare pop song that feels fresher with each replay.”


1. Gasoline – Halsey (BADLANDS)

“Gasoline is BADLANDS personified with its post-apocalyptic beginning and mechanical tone. The song excellently proves Halsey is capable of maintaining a massive chorus while allowing her vulnerability to shine. “

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