Bleachers “Gone Now” Album Review

Gone Now is the second album by Bleachers and features the alt. hit Don’t Take The Money.

Everything Mainstream Consensus:


Gone Now is a cohesive album that marks a natural evolution by Bleachers. Sentimental and uplifting, the album flirts with space pop in Hate That You Know Me and retro rock and roll in I Miss Those Days.”

Gone Now single reviews (click to view single reviews):

  1. Dream of Mickey Mantle
  2. Goodmorning
  3. Hate That You Know Me
  4. Don’t Take The Money
  5. Everybody Lost Somebody
  6. All My Heroes
  7. Let’s Get Married
  8. Goodbye
  9. I Miss Those Days
  10. Nothing Is U
  11. I’m Ready To Move On
  12. Foreign Girls

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