Linkin Park “Nobody Can Save Me” Song Review

Nobody Can Save Me is the first track of Linkin Park’s new album One More Light.

Everything Mainstream Consensus:

“Tonally, Nobody Can Save Me is a strong opener that summarizes the themes of One More Light, but the track lacks the charisma to stand out compared to the rest of the album.”

Linkin Park “One More Light” Album Review

Everything Mainstream ranks music based on a mix of artistic, commercial, and fan appeal. When the cover art of a single/album is green, the single/album is positive, while yellow means mixed response and red symbolize a negative response.

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  • Hasan Sameeh

    ‘lacks the charisma to stand out’
    mate, not only this is the best track on this album, but also the best track LP has done since Living Things.

    • Debbs

      Lol go away, LP’s been trash since ATS and EM was too nice to this song. Just like the album it sucks

      • Hasan Sameeh

        That’s merely your opinion, which is irrelevant to me

      • dammieboi

        i cannot get over that track …. its simply mesmerizing, and its the best in the album.