“Coasts” by Coasts Album Review

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Hook-driven and infectious as hell, Coasts are a unique blend of indie rock and pop. A mix between Bastille and Foster The People, this UK band has been generating buzz ever since Zane Lowe proclaimed their single A Rush of Blood the “hottest record” of October 2014. Their debut self-titled LP was released in January 2016, here is Everything Mainstream’s review of “Coasts”.2016-12-11_18h42_28

A Stunning Seaside View

Embracing the glam of LA’s electrifying blend of dreams and plenty, “Coasts” is a dazzling seaside view of arena-ready indie pop. The smell of the saltwater stained beaches fills the breezy Oceans, while teenage angst runs wild in Wolves. As of this writing, the album’s newest single, You, is a pop-infused coming of age anthem ready for a stadium full of youthful spirits.

None of these tracks compare to the shimmering and reflective Modern Love. The album’s standout track, the track is an illustrious culmination of their style. If any song from this LP is to make its way onto stateside radio, Modern Love is the best equipped.

Their two earlier singles Stay and A Rush of Blood are highlights that shine brighter than most of the album’s new material. The ever-building Wash Away is a chorus-driven track that hopes love can wash away the past. Tonight sounds like a bleach stained American Authors song and is the only out-of-place tune on the album.