Imagine Dragons “Levitate” Single Review


Imagine Dragons are hard at work on their third album (for more info on when the album comes out and additional details, click here) and being the gracious band they are, have released a new song called “Levitate” to tide us over.

Levitate was made for the upcoming 2016 sci-fi film Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. The movie comes out around Christmas and features a love story bound by the confines of space.

The new song sounds very similar to the tone of It’s Time and On Top of the World. Longtime fans will appreciate this throwback, but also notice how their new indie focus is blended within. Levitate is a mix of both Night Visions and Smoke+Mirrors, further establishing that Imagine Dragons third album will follow suit.

The interwoven synths and sharp vocals from lead Dan Reynolds really make the track, and Levitate sounds how it should considering it’s accompanying movie, astronomical. The band has really fleshed out their style and this song is a great move in the right direction.