How Many Copies Has “The Strain Trilogy” by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan

the_strain__the_master_by_26stalker86-d81eowiSeason three of FX’s hit series “The Strain” premiered last week, marking 7 years since the novel the show is based on was released publically. Since then the vampire epic has gained a cult following verging on mainstream popularity. While still too graphic and horrifying for the average person, Del Toro’s and Hogan’s novels have reached many and shifted the public perception of vampires from pretty to pretty terrifying.

The Strain Trilogy’s three books include The Strain (2009), The Fall (2010), and The Night Eternal (2011). As of July 2016, all three books together have sold upwards of 1.5 million copies in the US, and 2.7 million worldwide.

If Del Toro and Hogan both had a 5% royalty rate for each novel, their earnings for each novel roughly as listed:

The Strain: (1,400,000*) x $10.99 = $769,300 USD

The Fall: (850,000*) x $10.99 = $467,075 USD

The Night Eternal: (450,000*) x $10.99 = $247,275 USD


This is merely an estimate and earnings for both authors, actual complete earnings at 10% would be twice as much as the totals listed above.

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*These figures are estimates based on trilogy declines

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