Major Lazer Swims Through “Cold Water” With Justin Bieber and MO – Single Review

2016-07-22_00h59_40Major Lazer (feat. Justin Bieber & MO) “Cold Water” – Single Review

Last year’s hottest dance trio Major Lazer is back with a new single Cold Water, which features streaming champion Justin Bieber and Lean On‘s MO.


Perfect for summer, Cold Water treads waves while Bieber’s vocals drift across its surface. Similar to Lean On, the single features an exotic-EDM beat yet is infused with a gentle acoustic that ensures smooth sailing.

MO’s appearance barely counts as a guest spot as her verse lasts less than a third of the song, but Justin Bieber holds his own as Major Lazer threads both of the singers together seamlessly in the third act.

Even if it has a few moments of redundancy, Cold Water serves as another summer hit for Major Lazer, Bieber and MO and an excellent career for all three.

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  • Ojer

    Awesome review, this website reviews basically all the music i listen to!

  • Britney

    Review Make Me… by Britney!!!

    • Greg

      NO! Leave this website alone you brainwashed idiot!

  • Madness

    not as good as lean on tho

    • MissyE

      Nothing beats Lean On

      • Anonymous

        lean on was the cheapest dance song of 2015, this blows it out of the water

  • Anonymous

    it sounds so much like Waves by Mr. Probz, I can’t even listen

  • Anonymous