Bastille’s “Good Grief” is a Wasted Opportunity

2016-06-17_14h37_46Thier first single since 2014, pop/rock band Bastille was a sensation in 2013 and late 2014 with their breakthrough hit Pompeii, which hit the top ten in the US and other countries. Debut LP “Bad Blood” was also a strong worldwide seller and cemented Bastille as a pop/rock power.


The funky tone contrasts with Bastille’s lead singer Dan Smith’s eclectic vocals, and Good Grief ends up being lost in a strange current of out-of-place synths and poor editing.

  • you thought

    ehh review

  • you thought

    why is this tagged in amazing then

  • lightning Thief

    I agree, sounded like a FATM song mixed with a sore voice lol