Imagine Dragons Third Album Name, First Single and Release Date

Imagine Dragons “EVOLVE” Album Review

FINAL UPDATE: Imagine Dragons third album is titled “EVOLVE” and will be released June 23rd, 2017. You can pre-order it here and get the new song Whatever It Takes right away.

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UPDATE 5/8/17: Imagine Dragons third album is called “Evolve” and pre-order opens at 9pm PST. New song “Whatever It Takes” is available to download and stream at that time as well. This is it Firebreathers!

UPDATE: 4/27/17: Imagine Dragons have released the second single off their third album, Thunder, available on all music services.

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UPDATE 1/31/17: Imagine Dragons have released the new single from their third album, Believer. The title track is available now on Itunes and soon everywhere else

Release date is unconfirmed but a late April to early May release is expected.

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In a Facebook post late 2015, Imagine Dragons hinted at a new album for a late 2016, early 2017 release date. Knowing that the Dragons usually craft new music fresh off a tour, Everything Mainstream is expecting the third LP will be recorded around April to June, and the first single will be released in August.

With the release of “Roots”, a stand-alone single that was a throwback to the original Imagine Dragons style, one should expect that the untitled third album will have both Night Visions and Smoke + Mirrors themed songs, as well as a few newly-inspired tracks.

On November 28th, Imagine Dragons released the song “Levitate” from the upcoming movie Passengers and a message to their fanbase. Read below by clicking the link:

In case you don’t feel like opening the link, here is what the post says:

A few updates for you our dear friends across the globe:
1. We miss you.
2. We are currently working on album 3.

& 3. Until that day arrives, we are very excited to share a new song with you that we made for the upcoming movie Passengers – out in theatre this Christmas. “Levitate” is out TONIGHT at midnight ET.

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Right now it is a waiting game, though, so sit back and wait.