Taylor Swift “Wildest Dreams” Single Review

Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift

Billboard Hot 100 Predictions:

Peak: #2

Debut: #9

Wks on list: 29 wks.

1989’s next single: New Romantics

Everything Mainstream Score: 79/100

Review: When will Taylor Swift’s supreme reign on the music industry end? Judging by this song’s commerciality, not for a long, long time. Wildest Dreams starts with a soothing, atmospheric beat, and succeeds in hooking the listener with Swift’s bittersweet vocals. What surprised me with this song though is the chorus, which doesn’t seem rushed nor layered too much, something I’ve been waiting for in her music. Before the tune overstays it’s welcome, it concludes with a fanfare, much like Bad Blood, of layered pop bangs worth the waiting.

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