Wilder Mind – Mumford & Sons, Everything Mainstream Album Review

The band responsible for spicing up every tv commercial with their trademark “folk-rock” music is back, and without their style. In Wilder Mind, M&S take a new approach at the music world, bringing alternative and folk, and smashing them together to get a lukewarm new sound. See how Everything Mainstream has rated their latest album Wilder Mind:

Mumford_&_Sons_-_Believe1. Tompkins Square Park

2. Believe: Starts with a bang, throwing in powerful suggestive statements and an overall toned down ambience. Reminiscent of Coldplay’s “Fix You” the song explodes in the second part, guitar and vocals through the roof, but no folk to be found. 78/100 

3. The Wolf: Unlike “Believe”, M&S’s third track of their Wilder Mind studio album throws the door open, shaking the entire house in the process. “The Wolf” showcases Mumford & Son’s lyrical ability and their new sound in a great wave of musical triumph. 90/100

11150527_10153284039138793_4209164579282849088_n4. Wilder Mind

5. Just Smoke

6. Monster

7. Snake Eyes: Some bands experiment, Mumford & Sons break the ceiling hoping for something interesting to fall before them. “Snake Eyes” is yet another reason of the new M&S sound and it’s failure to compete with their previous material. 63/100

snake eyes8. Broad-Shouldered Beasts

9. Cold Arms

10. Ditmas

11. Only Love


hot gates everything mainstream12. Hot Gates: Longer than needed and too stuffed, “Hot Gates” begins with a fire, but eventually somewhere in the middle it burns out completly.  55/100

Total Album Score (3 Tracks/12) = 71/100