Dark Before Dawn – Breaking Benjamin, Everything Mainstream Album Review



After a brief hiatus, Breaking Benjamin is back, and will not bow or fail. Bound to be the one of the year’s top rock albums, Dark Before Dawn tears down the walls and builds upon BB’s already impressive resume.

1. Dark

16.03.2015 - 12. Failure: Impressive and powerful, Failure is a testament to rock’s powerful. Like Imagine Dragons “Radioactive”, Breaking Benjamin has made a song that popularized rock once again, and can hold its own in a cage match against others. 86/100

3. Angels Fall: Lyrically superior and vocally masterful, Angels Fall is an outstandingly polished track. “When angels fall, with broken wings, I can’t give up, I can’t give in.” is a metaphor for mortality, and to prevail against all odds. 95/100

4. Breaking the Silence

5. Hollow

6. Close to Heaven

7. Bury Me Alive

angels fall8. Never Again

9. The Great Divide

10. Ashes of Eden

11. Defeated

12. Dawn

Overall Album Rating (2/12 tracks) = 91/100