The Near Future – I Fight Dragons, Album Review

Chicago-native band,  I Fight Dragons, does what it’s known for with it’s second album “The Near Future.” Blending chiptune with pop/rock, this indie powerhouse offers enough to satisfy, even if vocally speaking, the album ends up a little dry. Here is Everything Mainstream’s review of The Near Future by I Fight Dragons:

(Only songs with lyrics will receive a written review.)

Grading Scale: 100-69 = Great  68-55 = Average  54-0 = Bad

1. I. Prelude – 57/100

2. II. Eighteen: A flawed yet acceptable representation of teenage angst, Eighteen if you allow it, can be quite the earworm. 73/100

3. III. Battle – 62/100

4. IV. Another Week: While the song is haunted by other band’s sounds, Another Week isn’t a waste of $1.29, and is among the best of The Near Future. 71/100

5. V. Meeting

6. VI. Rescue

7. VII. Time to Fly

8. VIII. Requiem

9. IX. Return

10. X. Fighting On

11. No Strings

12. Pretend

13. Chicago

14. Always

15. Jimmy and Sally