Imagine Dragons “Warriors” Single Review

Song_Cover_for_-Warriors-_by_Imagine_Dragons“Warriors” Imagine Dragons

Billboard Hot 100 Predictions:

Peak: #76

Weeks on List: 11

Debut At: #84 (March 20th)

Everything Mainstream Score: 72/100

Warriors has been slowly rising to popularity, first released as the League of Legends Championship song, and now added to the Insurgent movie soundtrack, the song will soon explode. This was the first song to really showcase Imagine Dragons shift to rock-heavy elements, excluding Radioactive, because that was more dubstep/EDM. The lyrics tell a tale of a fairly introverted kid, waiting for his time to rise. As a soundtrack song for a hit YA films series, Warriors boosts a powerful beat with a symbolic meaning, as even the smallest can prove their might.