How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful – Florence + The Machine, Album Review


Billboard 20o/USA Sales Predictions:

Billboard 200: #1

First Week Sales: 140,000-230,000


The long-awaited return of english indie rock band Florence + The Machine equals that of Imagine Dragons second album, both two highly anticipated albums this year. The former having waited until the perfect time, their third album set to release June 1st, 2015. Florence has been known for their unique and extravagant style, both in the UK and the US. Whether their third effort will reach the No.1 spot in both countries is yet to be determined. Here’s my track by track review of How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful:

1. Ship to Wreck

2. What Kind of Man – 88/100

The first single off How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is sharp, and cuts to the point. From the resonating guitar riffs to Florence’s striking vocals, What Kind of Man is powerful and triumphant, a rare gem within today’s contrasting music landscape.

3. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

4. Queen of Peace

5. Various Storms & Saints

6. Delilah

7. Long & Lost

8. Caught

9. Third Eye

10. St Jude

11. Mother

12. Hiding

13. Make Up Your Mind

14. Which Witch


Overall Everything Mainstream Score: 88/100 (1 song total)

You can pre-order How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful on iTunes here.