Imagine Dragons “Shots” Single Review


“Shots” Imagine Dragons

Billboard Hot 100 Predictions:

Debut: #37

Peak: #18

Weeks on List: 25

Everything Mainstream Rating: 91/100

Oh, those fine days before Imagine Dragons flew to the top of every chart, yes, that’s right, I mean their EP days. Back then, they had extremely diverse tracks that crafted a unique signature for the band, one that has been carried over in both Night Visions and Smoke + Mirrors, especially their newest single from the latter, Shots. Let me clarify, their new music isn’t bad, far from it, but when Imagine Dragons take the reigns without their producer Alex Da Kid, magic happens. Shots truly is remarkable, for first-time listeners, the song may sound strange, but after a few plays,  the track’s purpose starts to shine through, and it becomes your next obsession.