Which Albums of 2015 Could Reach Platinum Status? (Updated 12/31/14)



Let’s all face the facts, no matter how good 2014 has been for music to you, it was a poor year for being an album artist. 2015 seems to be fighting to change that, with blockbuster releases like the second Imagine Dragons album or Coldplay’s final studio release. We should see a rise in album sales right away, considering the amount of popular albums scheduled in January alone, the industry itself is hoping for that, let’s see which albums could reach the magic 1 million.


Meghan Trainor – Title

Epic Records

First Week Sales: 180,000 units

Total Sales: 700,000 – 1 million max end year

Why?: She’s all about that fame, and it’s quickly moving her way. With her massive No. 1 hit “All About That Bass” and upcoming Top Ten hit “Lips Are Moving”, Meghan Trainor seems fit for a large following. The odds though off her reaching 1 million though are slim, more infamous pop singer Ariana Grande released her album last summer, and it has only gone gold. Odds: 10%


Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho

Island Records

First Week Sales: 140,000 units

Total Sales: 630,000 – 1 million max end year

Why?:¬†Fall Out Boy hasn’t gone platinum in recent years, but their albums lead single, “Centuries” charted well on both the Itunes 200 and the Billboard Hot 100. Because of the single’s success, new fans may have found Fall Out Boy a worthy act, and pursue purchasing their latest album. But who knows? Miracles do happen, ask Coldplay. Odds: 5%

Could-Be Surprises (Unlikely Though):

Ne-Yo – Non-Fiction

Fifth Harmony – Reflection

Mark Ronson – Uptown Special

Papa Roach – F.E.A.R


Imagine Dragons – Smoke + Mirrors

Interscope Records

First Week Sales: 340,000-500,000 units

Total Sales: 895,000-1 million max end year

Why?: Imagine Dragons were the second most popular band of 2014, behind Coldplay and #1 2013 according to Billboard. They have the fifth largest fan-base of any musical artist, and their last album has gone x4 platinum. It’s a safe bet to assume this one will make it. Odds: 85%

Could-Be Surprises (Unlikely Though):

Kid Ink – Full Speed

Hollywood Undead – Day of the Dead


Could-Be Surprises (Unlikely Though):

Ludacris – Ludaversal


(Apparently this is not the greatest month for hits)


Def Leppard – TBA

Unscheduled and TBA

Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams

No available record label

First Week Sales: 350,000-400,000 units

Total Sales: 800,000-1 million max end year

Why?: Considering Coldplay was the #1 band of 2014, just like any final book or movie, the band’s last album is sure to bring in the crowds. In 2014, Ghost Stories racked up over 300,000 copies in one week, this will likely be the case this year. Odds: 40%


Guns N’ Roses – TBA

Geffen Records

First Week Sales: 150,000-220,000 units

Total Sales: 770,000-1 million sold

Why?: Even after all the controversy and all the hate, Guns N’ Roses has held on to most of their fans over the last couple of years, and this next TBA title could be their next million-seller. Their last album went platinum in the United States, why not this one. Odds: 25%


Iggy Azalea – The Great Escape

Virgin EMI Records

First Week Sales: 80,000-120,000 units

Total Sales: 550,000-1 million max end year

Why?: Her last album, “The New Classic” has managed to sell 420,000 copies, nearly gold. With large hits like “Fancy feat. Charlie XCX” and “Black Widow feat. Rita Ora”, Iggy has proven herself that she can handle a massive fan-army. Odds: 9%


Madonna – TBA


First Week Sales: 280,000-350,000 units

Total Sales: 600,000-1 million max end year

Why?: Produced by Avicii, Diplo and DJ Dahi, Madonna must be trying to match the times with all the electronic artists she has employed. Her last album charted No. 1 with 359,000 copies sold in the first week, and her fans remain loyal. Odds: 6%


Metallica – TBA


First Week Sales: 325,000-415,000 units

Total Sales: 800,000-1 million max end year

Why?: A rock band that transcends decades, every metal genre band has heard of Metallica, they may not be fans, but most do become one. After all the pop/indie releases this year, the country may just be hungry for some hardcore metal. Odds: 55%


Could-Be Surprises (Unlikely Though):

Ellie Goulding – TBA

Fleetwood Mac – TBA

Gwen Stefani – TBA

Kelly Clarkson – TBA

Limp Bizkit – Stampede of the Disco Elephants

Megadeth – TBA

Muse – TBA

Red Hot Chili Peppers – TBA



If these albums do come out, here are the odds:


Adele – TBA (25?)

XL, Columbia

First-Week Sales: 650,000-800,000 units

Total Sales: 1 mil – 2 mil max year end

Why? This album is a given, near 100%. If anyone can reach Taylor Swift status, it’s Adele. Her last album has sold over 10 million copies worldwide, and she in one year was awarded 6 Grammys and 1 Academy Award. She’s prolific, and 2015, if she so chooses, will be the year of Adele, again. Odds: 93%


Kanye West – TBA

Def Jam

First-Week Sales: 280,00-340,000 units

Total Sales: 870,000-1 mil max end year

Why? His last album, Yeezus, performed excellently it’s first week, but soon sales fell dramatically. Many solo-artists these days lose much of their earlier fame, Kanye might have had a small resurgence in the last year, but it is unlikely to push him to 1 mil. Odds: 25%


Justin Bieber – TBA

School Boy

First-Week Sales: 150,000-490,000 units

Total Sales: 500,000-1 mil max end

Why? Since his public “incidents”, Justin Bieber has been made out as the rebellious, unruly¬†teen who can no longer be that perfect role model parents are looking for. Also, his image has diminished enough to where his fan-base at large no longer supports him. Either it could be a flop, or an absolute success. Odds: 12%


Later this week I will publish JB’s analysis.

Overall, Imagine Dragons and Metallica are safe bets, but 2014 was rough, 2015 may be worse. Thanks for reading.