Strange Magic, 2015 (Early Box Office Prediction)


Release Date: January 23rd, 2015

Director: Gary Rydstrom

Screenplay: Irene MecchiGary RydstromDavid Berenbaum

Story: George Lucas

Starring: Evan Rachel WoodKristin ChenowethPeter Stormare


A fairy tale of goblins, fairies and imps meeting for the first time and the consequent confusions and conflicts the culture clash causes. (

Early Box Office Prediction:

Opening Weekend: USD $34,500,000

Domestic Total: USD $106,000,000

Foreign Total: USD $130,000,000

Worldwide Total: USD $236,500,000


Written by George Lucas, that right their is the only selling point of this movie, and not much of one at that. He was considered a filmmaking genius when the original star wars came out, but the prequel trilogy washed that away almost completely. Has his time in the prime finally ended, if this movie is any sign, then he’s done making billion-dollar blockbusters. In May 2013, a similar movie called “Epic” was released, a film that didn’t do so well in the domestic markets. Strange Magic, based off the first trailer, just seems plain strange, which will likely repel those casual moviegoers, but for parents looking for a break, their kids are looking at the magic of Strange Magic. First weekend will probably result in USD $34-36 million, not great for a animation giant, but not entirely disappointing. If Strange Magic overperforms, which still could happen, it will guarantee it the #2 spot of the weekend behind American Sniper.

Strange Magic (2015) Trailer:


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