Taken 3 (Early Box Office Prediction)

file_123541_0_taken3trailerheaderRelease Date: January 9th

Director: Olivier Megaton

Screenplay: Luc BessonRobert Mark Kamen

Starring: Liam NeesonMaggie GraceFamke JanssenForest Whitaker


Bryan Mills, an Ex-government operative is accused of a ruthless murder he never committed or witnessed as he is tracked and pursued, Bryan Mills brings out his particular set of skills to find the true killer and clear his name. (from www.imdb.com)

Early Box Office Predictions:

Opening Weekend: USD $41,000,000

Domestic Total: USD $119,500,000

Foreign Total: USD $226,000,000

Worldwide Total: USD $345,500,000


Taken is a well-established action franchise, with it’s second movie Taken 2 reaching USD $375 million, outpacing it’s first entry by USD $140 million. This doesn’t mean it is without flaws though, franchise fatigue and same old, same old storylines may hurt the franchise in the long run. Taken 3 should finish its domestic run with around USD $120 million, and will certainly crown 2015’s second weekend. If Taken 3 follows it’s predecessor’s path, the movie’s second weekend should add an additional USD $22 million.