How To Disable S Voice For Galaxy Tab 3

    How to S VOiceIf you own a Tab, you most likely understand that S Voice, the Samsung equivalent of Siri by Apple, while sometimes useful, can become very infuriating after a while. For me, it seems like every time I pressed the home button it would trigger S Voice, stopping the music I was playing and emitting a earsplitting beep that startles you to death. Some Tab users may like S Voice, I have to admit, it is useful once in a while, but most of the time it just gets in my way. In this post I will teach you how to turn off S Voice so that it doesn’t pop up when you press the home button.


1. Go to Settings

2. Locate and open “Application Manager”

3. A bar should appear below the blue “Application Manager” text,

swipe the screen right until you enter the “All” Section.

4. Here you should be able to find the app, S Voice, when you do,

open it by tapping it. It should bring up a screen with two options,

either “force stop” it or “Turn Off”, click the latter and it should


5. Now S Voice should be off, if you want to turn it back on again,

go back to the “All” section and scroll to the bottom, it should be

the last on the list. Then click “Turn On”.

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    Thank you, thank you! This has driven me nuts for months, all I could find was disabling s voice on a phone before finding your directions.

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